June 24th, 2013

RIP Giorgi Tevzadze

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Giorgi Tevzadze death

I don’t know if you guys remember that crazy Georgian guy in the BMW E34 M5, driving recklessly in Tbilisi, but it seems he has died in a car crash.

Word has it that his friend was driving the car as he was in the passanger seat, the driver lost control, crashed into a tree and they both died Giorgi died but his friend may have survived (unconfirmed).

Giorgi was a very good driver and I can respect him for that. Although I’m not that surprised this happened. Rest in peace!

Some more images of the crash …

Giorgi Tevzadze death

Giorgi Tevzadze died

  • ლაშა ფალელაშვილი

    His friend survived.

  • Vytch


  • pete

    Georgia is safer now.

  • Dwayne J.

    R.I.P One of the best M5 drivers i seen. So much talent. Wish a drift team or racing team picked him up.

  • dfd

    pete keep your fucking mind for yourself!!!!!

  • retard M5


  • dob

    Eastern people never comprehend that was
    totally stupid. That is difference between east and west. If he was a drift
    fan, why he didin’t made it on closed, safe roads and in helmet? Totally lack
    of respect for rest of pedestrians. He was not hero we was potential murderer.
    I hope that he will be example of wrong behaviors and warning.

  • pablo

    bye Giorgi :(

  • dsfsdfsd


  • dsfsdfsd

    one idiot less….. justice exist

    • gia

      fuckckckck your Mother .

  • aaaa

    one idiot less…

  • Captain Common Sense

    Good riddance.

    RIP tree.

    • johan404

      The tree is still alive :)

  • geo2003e39M5

    omg, how ironic that he died while seating in the passenger seat. This probably would have never happened had he driven the car! Although he was reckless and ruthless while driving you had to admire his skills!

    • realdrifter

      this guy dont have any skills at all. looks like a criminal on the run! and he is never invited in a drift team because he is a shame for real drifters

      • me

        shut the fuck up moron!!! realdrifter lol go suck a lolipop kiddo

  • realdrifter

    so the streets are much safer without him, what a fool! unprepaired car and no talent only talent is to damage and break his car.

  • Alexy Velichkin

    Жаль в машине не было Эрика.

  • Erik

    SHUT THE FUCK UP ONE IDIOT LESS he was a good driver and onlt 26.His friend is the dumb one because george never crashed and he would of never his friend is the idiot.Say R.I.P. not idiot you FUCKING DUMBASSES PIEACE OF SHIT FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS WHO SAY “IDIOT”

    • Johnny

      I will not respect a man that had no respect for anyone else’s life. He was a true idiot

  • Scrambler


  • EVO Drifter

    Giorgi, may your soul be in heaven resting in peace !!! I hope you do have your M5 with you up there and continue doing what you love !!!! People don’t understand us, and how addicting skilled driving is … you don’t have to proof anything to anybody anymore !!!! just enjoy your driving …. peace !!!!

  • marko

    legenda nikad ne umire,pocivaj u miro i peglaj svoj bmw m5 na nebu

  • To all mofos there

    I would like to see atleast 1 so called ,,PRO” to be able to do that in theyr build for drift car full of other cars, you fucktards….. One potential murderer less – says mofos that dont even know how to make a car slide… R.I.P.

  • Truth

    Motherfucker deserved to die. driving like that on a public road. save it for a track, not on a road where you can kill someone else and destroy multiple peoples’ lives. what if he killed someone with his driving? Im not going to respect a piece of shit that can’t respect anyone else. He put so many lives at danger. He had no respect for human life. Yes he had amazing skill at driving, pure skill, but was a complete jackass for endangering innocent people and disrespecting their life

    • whatwhatwhat

      Screw you. you dickless twat! This guy was a much safer driver that most of the retards that drive these days who are in no control of there cars. And can someone please shoot the driver of the car. His lack of skill killed the best driver of this decade. “Ride in peace”

      • Min Park

        How do you prove that boy

  • Min Park

    I’m glad to hear that he died. Thank God

  • smartacus

    His name and his legend shall live on.
    He has done what so few of us ever could:
    He etched his name into the pages of history
    He lived… Wish I could say that about myself.